Our Philosophy

Health and Social Care Workers deliver care and support based on individual need. We also take into account our service users “wants” as we realise that people living in the 21st Century have high expectations especially when it comes to their lives and when they are paying for it.

Our philosophy is to meet these requirements so as to provide a bespoke service which is service led rather than business led.

We believe that in this way we can provide our service users with a unique domiciliary service that is relevant to care in the 21st Century.

Service users can expect fully inclusive care provision based upon modern values and needs. Independence and fulfillment will be the main outcomes of the care and support delivered and through this we actively aim to achieve a good or outstanding rating when inspected by the Care Quality Commission.

Quality is a by word of our delivery, and all our staff will be trained to understand what this means and provide this continually to the individual.

All policies, procedures and codes of practice that have been developed will be followed every time the service is delivered to the service user, thus ensuring our statement of intent, aims and objectives are fully met.