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Locations: Walsall

To supervise and check competency of a team of support staff who are working in a supported living scheme, and be responsible for overseeing of the care and support delivered to the Service Users on a day to day basis. This includes updating any paperwork as necessary such as Assessments/Care Plans.

To provide direct support and leadership in the scheme including covering working on shift, completing Quality and safety checks and “On Call” duties necessary for the smooth running of the service on a day to day basis and ensuring that all statutory compliance is met.

Closing Date: ongoing

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You will be expected to perform a variety of tasks, according to the operational management of the service, these include: Assisting with initial recruitment, Basic training for new staff. Shadowing and mentoring new staff, updating Care Plans and Assessments Especially Health and Safety and Fire assessments, checking daily reports and ensuring staff wear appropriate PPE and follow procedures.

You will receive appropriate training, including Leadership and Supervisory training to Level 4 and 5

  • Carry out regular Competency Checks on the staff in your team every month.

  • Work with the Housing Association in relation to Fire and Health and Safety Audits in each scheme both weekly and monthly

  • Carry out informal reviews with the Deputy Manager on each service user every month

  • Update Risk Assessments and PEEPS with the input of the service user and their advocate on each Service User ever 6 months

  • To act as a mentor for all new staff and carry out shadowing and basic training within the schemes.

  • To monitor existing staff and report any shortfalls in standards of care and support to the Manager or Deputy.

  • To assist in the initial recruitment and selection process and be involved in recruitment drives and seminars as required

  • To ensure all Health and Safety equipment is in place and that all staff have and wear appropriate PPE

  • Deal professionally with all visitors and family members

  • Manage any incidents and concerns as required and report any concerns appropriately to the Manager/Deputy

  • Write reports, daily logs and other paperwork as required for the safety of the staff and service users

  • Work alongside the Manager so to provide senior cover to the service as a whole as required including working alongside the Manager/Deputy and covering “On Call”

  • Deal with complaints and concerns from service users, families and outside agencies.

  • Represent the company, as required at reviews and meetings concerning service users or the service as a whole.

  • Monitor Primary Workers and ensure 1:1 support is carried out.

  • Understand Electronic Rostering System and assist in the planning and implementation of ROTA as required

  • Undertake any other duties as deemed appropriate to your role as directed by the Registered Manager or Directors


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