Specialist Care can be provided for anyone who has high dependency needs.

Below you can find all the specialist care services we provide from supported living to end of life,

our team is trained to support a number of situations.

Unsure of what service that may be needed? Please call us on 0333 577 8707


Receiving care and support at home whilst living with dementia can be very daunting for both the individual and family members. Through our service we provide highly trained, caring and compassionate Carers who deliver daily care and support within your own home.


Many people wish to spend these precious moment in their own homes surrounded by family and friends. We provide caring, professional support to enable the wish to be fulfilled.


By using bespoke, personalised assessments and care plans we can assist you to work towards your own goals, whether it is to attend a hobby you like or to gain independence living a full and varied life.


We understand that continuity of care is important so we aim to provide a team of personal carers to provide your care and support. Creating a structured and secure care package.


We can create a bespoke care package to help support you.


Tel: 0333 577 8707

29 Koco Community Centre, 15 The Arches, Spon End, Coventry, CV1 3JQ

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