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Operating across Coventry, Birmingham, Walsall and the West Midlands, we deliver a trained and dedicated home care service that upholds the principles of rights, choice, dignity and privacy to all people and we acknowledge the differences in ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds.

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Specialist Care can be provided for anyone who has high dependency needs. Our team is trained to support a number of situations including; supported living, dementia care and end of life.

The quality of care, compassion, empathy and respect is more than 5 stars! Every day my mum is greeted with a smile also the family, always chats whilst doing her care and makes sure my mum has her medication allowing her time with mobility, washing and dressing. Always makes sure my mum is safe within herself and her surrounding area. Keeps areas clean and tidy ensuring infection control/hygiene is met. Deserves a medal!

My mother has some wonderful carers who are very loving and have created a real bond with her. They are very helpful and patient and her most regular carers almost feel like part of the family.
The company staff are always helpful to our needs when we have requests such as extra care when I am on holiday.
I feel happy and confident with the service provided to my mother.

My experience with Consummate Care is excellent. I have been with them for ten years I think this month and I have nothing but praise for them. The carers are lovely and give me first class care, I can’t praise them enough.
The girls in the office are lovely as well, always willing to help me. I cannot fault the care I receive at all.

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